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Welcome to my guest book. This is the place where you can have your home page, your e-mail address, your comments, and other information entered if you so choose. All you have to do is sign in.

My cousin envelopeRusty Gowin invites you to visit Planet Reebus, his new web site.

Rod Dixon has just recently put his home page, Rod's Web online, so it's still under construction. Rod also has a link to Redlaw Software Development, where he has information on how to download several shareware programs that he has written for the Microsoft Windows operating system. Redlaw Software Development can also design and host your home pages on the web. Now that I've piqued your interest, go check out his page.

David Jenkins has been working on the home page for the American Canoe Association. Their page features lots of information on canoeing, kayaking, and other watersports, as well as Paddler Magazine. If you're unhappy with the attempts of the current Congress to gut education and the environment, you should go to the ACA's Write Congress page, which features a complete e-mail listing for members of Congress.

Shawn Scribner has posted his Info Page, "the Cliff Claven of the Internet." Shawn has included some rather unusual links that you are unlikely to find on other people's metalists, including my own. For example, he has links to the bartender's guide and some other, er... interesting places. Did you ever wonder whether a former star is still alive or dead? If so, go to Shawn's page and find out.

Leza Di Bella has been working on a home page for her grandfather, Frank Crisafulli. If you're Italian, this is the page for you!

Hey there, Ken Kaplan. You're now on the Web! And so are you, Laura Dailey.

Dan McCommis is in the house! He just surfed the Web for the first time today (Sept. 2).

If you want to read an excellent review of the differences between Netscape v. 1.2b4 and Mosaic v. 2.0 final beta, go to Nuthin' but Links. In addition to a wealth of other useful material, this site maintains the Prodigy Personal Web Page Hall of Fame, Honorable Mentions, and the Hall of Shame. I've checked out some of the pages listed there, and they've definitely earned their respective titles. These are great examples of what you should and should not do when constructing a personal home page.

Also, thank you Nick Milianes for signing the Guest Book. Nick maintains a home page called The Lounge, which has tons of information related to building and maintaining your home page. He also has one of the largest collections of links to all kinds of topics that I've seen anywhere. In fact, his page is in the PWP Hall of Fame in Nuthin' but Links. Nick also publishes a very informative webazine called The Best of the Internet, and his page contains information on how you can subscribe for free.

I would also like to thank Mike Sumber for visiting my page. He has an impressive home page called Mike's World that not only contains some cool links, but also has a wealth of information on neat Prodigy tricks. He also has included a pop-up icon that contains a number of useful links that you can take with you as you surf the Net (note: according to Mike, this pop-up icon works only with the Prodigy browser).

David Ferreira stopped by to look around. His home page is called The Froggy Bottom. It has a lot of graphics and takes awhile to load, but it's worth the wait. It includes nice pictures of David, his girlfriend, and Puerto Rico.

I want to thank Phil Theobald for dropping by and sending me some e-mail. Since my roommate and I enjoy Mystery Science Theater 3000, we'll be going back to Phil's page.

If you want to find out some of the advantages of small-town living, check out Mike Dowden's home page. He also has some nice links and a guest book that you can sign.

Pam Lee Middleton stopped by and signed the Guest Book. Thanks, Pam, for your encouraging words. Pam has one of the most thorough genealogy pages that I've ever seen, and if that's still not good enough, she has links to many other genealogy pages. She also has a guest book that you can sign.

Judge Tom Reilly stopped by and took a look around. He may be adding his e-mail address to this listing, so if you want to talk to a judge, check back here soon (sorry, but he probably can't get you out of that speeding ticket).

If you want to find out what it's like to be a Buffalo Bills fan living in Dallas, then go to Marie Merkle's home page. Marie also has some information about herself and her family there, as well as some useful links.

Tom Barbaro checked out the pages and can now tell you why Chicago isn't really the "Windy City."

Dave Arndt stopped by recently.

Matt Cottner also dropped by recently.

Thanks Chuck Brandolino for the kind words.

Philip J. Hagen took a look around and complimented me on my name. Phil invites you to visit the U.S. Air Force Academy home page.

Bridgett Smith is currently working on a genealogy home page, so I'll be adding a link to her page when it's online.

Earl P. Crandall maintains the home page for the Crandall Family Association (C.F.A.). If you're a Crandall, or if you're interested in genealogy, go see this page.

Susie Taylor was nice enough to drop me a line.

If you like cats, you'll love Colleen Bouchard's homepage, which is called Molly the Cat's Homepage. She also has some humorous links, including info on what not to say to a cop when you get pulled over (her husband's a cop, so she should know!).

LeRoy Thompson signed in recently.

Bill Norin made a virtual visit to my page and hopes to make a physical return visit to Washington, D.C. soon.

Vicki Lawshe visited my page recently. An avid runner, she has links on running, medical information, and home page construction, among others.

Doug Thompson used to write for a newspaper in Alton, Illinois, near where I grew up. Currently, he publishes a very interesting webazine called Trident's World. It's full of witty and insightful observations on the political scene and Washington, D.C. and is well worth a look.

Jim Ritz plans to come back from time to time, so I better keep updating this!

newKen Foerch paid me a visit recently. Look for the home page of his sax quartet coming soon!

Jack Hurley recently signed the guest book, and he wants everyone to know that he likes cheetahs.

Regina M. Minasso signed in all the way from Sao Paulo, Brasil. She is one of my most exotically located visitors.

Amanda Cox signed in with the following quote: " kiss is French divine..." -Cox'95

Greetje signed in all the way from Groningen, The Netherlands.

Lauren Weisberger recently signed in from my law school alma mater, Cornell University.

Don Trottier from Okotoks Alberta Canada invites you to visit Happypuppy Shareware.

newFred Gowin's great uncle used to live in Granite City, Illinois, where I grew up. Fred is an Application Support Consultant with Mallinckrodt in St. Louis.

newJacob Smith from Wartburg signed in on Tax Day (April 15).

newRon Snyder from Wood River, Illinois had some friendly words to say. He may know some of my relatives in the St. Louis area. It really is a small world now.

newenvelopeCujo from San Francisco, CA rates this place a "10." Thanks!

newMy brother, Richard Hagen signed in! He's hanging out in Chicago, trying to build a real estate empire, and he's well on his way.

newRoss Finlayson says hello. Please stop by.

Jim "Conan" Roscher says: Nice work on the HomePage, please post to all that they must go see Eraser on behalf of ARNOLD! I'll be checking this on your guest book, so I'LL Be BACK!

envelopeBoyd Eugene Craft found me through Pam Middleton's page.

Michael J. Hagen stopped by because he wanted to say hello to another Hagen.

Seth Berger noticed that I like to use 3D graphics.

envelopeThis visitor gave me only his e-mail address, so I don't know his name.

Corey Riley was impressed by my domain name and had some really nice things to say about my page. Go check out his page.

J. David Crawford thought my guestbook was unique and invites you to visit David's Day In Paradise.

envelopeBart Vyvey signed in all the way from Harelbeke, Belgium. He recommends the AltaVista search engine.

J. Baker from Rockford, Illinois found my site because of my reference to Holmstrom & Kennedy, a law firm that I worked for there one summer.

William l. (Bill) Hagen from Gig Harbor, Washington dropped by because we share the same last name. He recommends Team West and the Army web site.

Gary York of Chicago, Illinois noticed that I also used to live in Chicago. He is the webmaster for the SHS Careers Front Page.

Dawn Maniatis of Minneapolis, MN had some nice things to say about my page. Her page is called Dawn's Fun House.

Luke Skywalker apparently lives in East Lansing, MI. Who knew! Stop by his page to find out more.

LowDiablo from Tennessee took a look around.

Haemi Balgassi from Massachusetts is a children's author who enjoyed her visit to my humble little page.

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